When you think about food, the excitement is uncontainable. The joy is like that of a pilgrim who found his way to Mecca (a cliché I choose to use). Healthy living entails that we eat a heavy breakfast like a king, light lunch like an infant and supper as little as that of a pauper. The breakfast should have fruits, meal rich in fiber, milk, among other foods. Lunch should be light like a slice of bread and supper, well, something like one packet of noodles if not hot water only.

The king-infant-pauper schedule is upside down here. Breakfast for majority of us is taken in such haste as the stomach is “still sleeping”. Rarely do people here have appetite. And the whole drama of cornflakes, Weetabix is for few people and for some reason; prejudice has it that the people who stick to the healthy breakfast are actually sick. Like sick sick. I mean having HBP, diabetes, heart complications or something of the sort. And are on their way to the grave.

In the morning, many of us take tea that is mean with milk but generous with water, ratio 1:4. Accompanying the boring tea is bread or sweet potatoes or mandazi. Then rush to work or school. At lunch time, one survives with 2 chapattis and beans, rice and beans, ugali and kale or any other simple but relatively heavier meals. The menus here can be so pocket unfriendly.

Supper time comes and this is the climax of the feeding program. Back in the house, this meal is the most celebrated, appreciated and compensates all the poor meals eaten during the day. The appetite is immense. The stomach is completely empty and one feels like they haven’t eaten for days. The meal is met with all the day’s hunger. People eat like there’s no tomorrow. People eat to make up for the 1:4 ratio tea, the little ugali that got digested too quickly at lunch time. They eat to finish!

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  1. hellen says:

    It is true. When I was on study in Japan.I arrived in Narita Airport in the evening and went to New Miyako hotel only to be served with soup and a slice of bread for dinner! I kept on waiting that there will be more coming coz what I had was chotto chotto! But I later learned that my diet as I was growing up was upside down and i know many more people are still experiencing this upside down diet which is not health at all.One eat food to give energy, protection from disease infections and build the body from wasting.What we need to know is that what level of energy do we need at night when we are asleep? do we really need a mountain of Ugali or kwashe to give energy to sleep? the answer is a definite no!no!no!. So eating right will help us to remain health and avoid lifestyle disease like diabetes.When digested food is not all utilized it is stored as fat in our bodies especially carbohydrates and proteins to increase chances of being obsess. Vegetables and fruits are perfect alternatives for dinner and for people who are not active.

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