Shame on you!

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The way Kunania walks past us in the meadow and does not greet us, you will think he is Obama and even Obama greets people and he was president of America. Kunania has made three girls in our school pregnant and he is not even in primary. He is Kibabii University and he speaks big English and those girls in class six and seven think he is professor. When they got pregnant the headmaster called them to the parade and announced,
You see these ugly things? They are sleeping with big men fit to be their fathers. Now they are carrying children in their bellies.
We hissed back, shame shame shame on you!
That is the routine when a girl gets pregnant and he announces to us. The girls are crying and looking down and the headmaster shouts at them, why are you looking down and I am speaking to you? Did you look down when you opened your legs to old men?
And we are covering our ears and our eyes and our mouths and we are giggling. The head teacher commands them to lie down on the grass with dew and every teacher gives them three strokes. They are screaming, they are wriggling in the grass, they are swearing that Kunania forced them at the kewa. And Lumbasi, Wekesa, Sifuna, Majimbo, Timina and I are remembering one of the class seven girls on top of Kunania in the thicket and we are remembering her saying, aao, aao! Enulu! There! There! And we know she is lying.
Wekesa suggests that we trail Kunania and see where he is going and for what business.
Are you stupid? Do you want him to grab us? Timina asks.
Why would he grab you? Let us just follow him, Wekesa says.
Did you not hear Angela said that he ambushed her when she was from the market and did bad manners with her by force?
He cannot do bad manners to you. We will gang up and beat him, Wekesa says.
Lumbasi says that Wekesa is not even strong and Kunania will overpower all of us. We abort mission and decide to talk about what we want to be when we grow up.
I want to go to university in Nairobi and become beautiful, Timina says.
You cannot be beautiful. Who told you you can change and become beautiful? Majimbo is saying and laughing and everyone is laughing.
But I will go to university in Nairobi and you will see. I will be like Lucy. Do you see how Lucy is beautiful ever since she went to Nairobi to study?
We think she has a point. Majimbo says he will become a tractor driver and take sugarcane to the Nzoia sugar and we are all jealous of him. Lumbasi says he will become Wizkid when he grows up and we think that is impossible, but now because his father gives him money and owns a truck, we just keep quiet. Sifuna says he will become the president and we all laugh at him because who will listen to a president who smells the way he does?
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