Author: Caroline Chemnangoi

Genre: Biography

Publishers: Neno Publishers and Booksellers

Year of publication: 2018

ISBN: 978-9966-120-24-3

Pages: 111

Price: 1000

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Growing up, I always wanted to be a boy because our entire neighborhood was full of boys. Those boys made boyhood seem like a great Hollywood movie featuring Vin Diesel. My sister and I were the only rare female species. Those boys did not know something called equity. We would race to climb trees and they did not put into consideration, when declaring the winner that us two were in skirts and had to climb those trees more carefully and slowly. Sometimes, to differentiate the teams, one team had to remove their t-shirts, which always happened that the topless team had my sister and I in it. If we declined, we would be told to form a team. A team of 2 against 10. Damn those mongrels. I hope you are now masseurs…making people remain topless.

The only time I appreciated being a girl was in August during even years when circumcision went down. The boys described to us how horrific and painful it was, of course they broke the bro code. Then later I learnt that in some tribes, girls are circumcised. I was horrified. I have always wanted to know how they felt, if they thought it marked their womanhood, if it was as exalting as male circumcision is that boys are happy to become men. I found the answer this book, Resilience.

Carol is brought up in the village in a huge family and is that invisible child. Her life revolves around going to the farm in the mornings and later to school. Her education is cut short after primary because her brothers are given priority. I am compelled by Carol’s courage to address some scary issues. She describes how she was raped twice and the rapists roamed freely after that. She speaks boldly about going through FGM- what a horrifying ordeal- and becoming a house help at 15. She lives with several employers who mistreat her, typical of most people. However, one family, the Kabitis, change her life forever. If you are those mean people who mistreat your house helps, think twice. You do not have the key to their future.

On one side, I want to ring up the author and ask why she over summarized the book. What was the love story between she and David? I must admit I am those people who want details about how it felt the first time you lay eyes on your lover. But this author wickedly leaves me hanging. She suddenly mentions that she is married in a wedding and soon gets pregnant. I felt cheated. No, we need details Carol.

What courage does one possibly gather, to go back to school at an advanced age? How does it feel to be nicknamed grandmother by other children? How does it feel when you are almost 25 and in high school? What happens when you are almost 27 and haven’t even been in a relationship and you are just about to join campus? And that you are now joining campus with youngsters who are 19?

I have read books. I have read biographies, but this is such a humbling story of courage and determination until I am convinced that age is never a limitation to dreams.

My favorite part of the book:

“It took the first term results to restore my self-confidence fully. Despite the sudden change of environment, I emerged top of my class! This opened my eyes to see that the language barrier was only a barrier to communication, not intelligence.” Pg 50

I would highly recommend this book to every person out there who is full of doubts. You will be surprised how much you can achieve if you put your heart to it.

As we speak, I’m highly motivated right now. I feel like a conqueror. Sai niko roho juu! My recent history in my computer looks something like this:




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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so lovely
    So im not the only one who felt
    cheated on the love story
    Carol’s story is amazingly touching.I cried laughed
    and got challenged in a good way
    I highly recommend it

  2. Salama Afro says:

    I had the priviledge of meeting Carol and read the book both very recently. Absolutely fascinating life journey and resonates with many. More of us must acquire the courage to write our stories. One never knows whom they will motivate.
    Well done Carol..proud of you!

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