My Dear Readers

Chances are you have been wondering why I have not published any fiction for the last 3 weeks or so. You are probably very mad right now, like can’t this woman be serious for once? Why leave us hanging? No explanation. Nothing. You have probably unsubscribed, unfriended, killed, burnt, forgot about chingano. It breaks my heart. I feel guilty like a little girl that just cleared 2kgs of beef from the pot, then visitors have come home and the pot is empty.

I am off radar because my book is coming up and pressure has been killing me to wind up before April. My editor is a mean soul whose sole purpose in this life ni kunikimbiza mbio like a tyre that just got detached from a speeding truck along Bungoma-Malaba highway. As soon as I finish writing the book, we will be back to having our smooth and loving relationship, just like it was in the past. Me loving you desperately and you loving me ferociously. Mutual. Consensual.

Secondly, as you are all aware, I am a very lazy person who fears reading. One of my resolutions this year, however, is to read more books. Yani natoka comfort zone. Specifically, I’ll read two books per month. This means that I will review the books on Mondays, bi-weekly and publish my usual nonsense fiction every week on Thursday. Should I fail to publish a book review on Monday, it will mean the book was too long and I couldn’t finish on time. Laziness, right? It is not a matter of life and death, but I will publish frequently. Thank you for understanding.

Hugs and kisses,

Books and pens,

Pages and paragraphs,

Yours Truly,


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    • Pamba Khavayie says:

      I look up to you too and I’m so proud of the steps you have made and are making in Psychology. Let’s keep doing this!!!

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