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Disclaimer: some statements are not entirely true and have been used just as examples

I am a selective political blond with no regrets. But again, I have a nose for news. I hear the 8-4-4 system will soon be replaced with some other weird looking 4 digit number. I think our parents went through that and never burnt schools. So I won’t question the new system. I hear there will be changes that will blow off our minds.

I am looking forward to those changes. I love changes. So am hoping literature lessons will be exciting, pumped up with teaching aids such as lyrical videos and a student, who misses a single lesson, will slip into a coma because of depression.

Literature will be something phenomenal. Scenario 1.

Paper 1 for Literary Criticism

Number 1 is compulsory. Answer any other 3 questions.

In the movie Sarafina, released in 1992, the students burnt schools during the apartheid regime

a) Write an essay justifying their reasons for burning schools

b) Kenyans schools are being razed to the ground by fire. The approach used to discipline the striking students in Sarafina movie will soon be adopted here according to the CS Matiang’i. Second this statement, quoting scenarios from the movie.

Nguzobuyo” by Brenda Fassie explores gender violence. Elani’s Sirudi tena also highlights gender violence. Use them to illustrate what women go through in relationships, quoting verses and lines.

Using Alicious’ Mpita Njia/ Dela’s Mafeelings, describe how women are their own downfall.

In Jaguar and Zikki’s Take it slow, a poor young man is smitten by a rich girl.  Explain characteristics of young boys in love. Compare and contrast the song with Justin Bieber’s Love yourself.

Marriage is a sacred institution that needs commitment, patience and is a permanent thing. How do Tiwa Savage and William Levy defy this notion? Discuss how music/acting interferes with social relationships. How can we ensure it doesn’t come between relationships?

Does Love and Hip-hop Hollywood make you feel you are in the wrong place and want to move to Hollywood? Explain your answer in reference to your Kenyan lifestyle and upbringing.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a jail term of life imprisonment for the murder of his manager. After his arrest, he has released several songs including Life goes on, conjugal visit, Rambo Kanambo among others. Discuss how he has a conflict with himself (internal conflict).

The lessons will be something else:

“So class yesterday we learnt about Rihanna and discussed how her song “work” places her at a vulnerable position. We mentioned that her Barbados origin heavily influenced the costumes in her latest song. We also said Rihanna is committed to people who matter and will do anything to keep them. We highlighted nudity and twerking as some of the key characteristics of her latest album.

Today class we look at Aubrey Drake Graham commonly known by his stage name, Drake. I will give you a brief synopsis of his song Hot line bling. Drake as you know is Canadian but moved to the states after his parents separated. The separation did not go well with Drake as you can see in most of his songs. This separation heavily influenced his musical works. Drake’s fear is losing his mother (women). This deep seated fear can be spotted in the video where he is stuck in a box, trying to get out and feeling lost. Drake displays some form of Oedipus complex, where he has feelings for his mother, sexually, as seen in the flight of stairs, leading to a hole. Ideally, tunnels, stairs and rods symbolize the male organ, whereas openings such as holes, flowers show the female gender.  He can be portrayed as emotionally unstable and full of insecurities…”

Hello new system!

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