Murder House

Book Title: Murder House

Pages: 527

Author: James Patterson & David Ellis

Genre: Thriller/Action

Publishers: Arrow Books

Year of publication: 2015

ISBN 978-0-099-59489-5

Available: Amazon as paperback and e-book


There are series of unsolved murders in the little Southampton Town, dated from centuries ago. All the victims have a pattern, of a spear being driven through their midsection. There is a mysterious house at 7 Ocean Drive, in this peaceful little town, where some of the deaths have occurred. The citizens call it the murder house and the deaths which have occurred here too, are unsolved.

Detective Jenna Murphy, the new cop in this town, formerly of NYPD, racks her brain to crack this case and is determined to bring the killer to books. However, just like any murders, the culprit remains elusive and mysterious and Jenna hits dead ends severally. The closest suspect of the recent murder is Noah Walker, a young man doing odd jobs. Some years back when he was a child, he had allegedly opened fire on other school kids. This horrible fact ranks him as the top suspect.

He now has an affair with a married woman and is set up by her husband. All fingers point to him as the killer of his ex-girlfriend, Melanie, the young 20 year old former waitress and aspiring actress.  The last time before her disappearance, Noah is seen arguing with her because she had dumped him for Zach Stern. He is apprehended and sentenced, with Jenna’s testimony, playing the biggest role.  The fact that the Chief of STPD, Langdon James is murdered brutally on the eve of the hearing exacerbates the situation and Noah is found guilty. Who else would want the Chief, having crucial evidence, dead?

Jenna however later on learns that the evidence she had submitted to court, that incriminated Noah was falsified by her uncle. There are people who are framing Noah. There is some hostility between Noah and Isaac, the new police chief, since Langdon’s passing because both men were in same school at the time of Noah’s shooting. Isaac strongly believes Noah responsible for all the murders.

In a quest to find her uncle Langdon’s killer and other recent deaths, Jenna discovers her haunting past that constantly bothers her through dreams about a bird, a boy pulling her and a dark house. She stumbles upon horrible truths that would have better been left undiscovered. But can truth be buried really?

If Noah is not responsible for the recent killings, then who is? Might it be Jenna? Isaac? Aiden? It is very urgent that the killer is apprehended before more killings follow.

Serial killers are usually the kindest and most loving people who almost seem vulnerable and James& Ellis clearly know how to hold my emotions. This book will definitely make you a slave to it as you keep turning pages, hoping that the serial killer is found. You will most certainly be punched in the face like I was, when you find out who is behind the killings and the horrible past that haunts Detective Jenna.

This is a page-turner. It is those sorts of books that can make you stay all night reading or read under the table in class or during a meeting, or worse still, you go to an event and James Patterson makes you unearth this book and shamelessly start reading. You will cook and eat while reading this one.

This is the first action/thriller book I’ve read and boy, what have I been reading all my life? This is also the first book I have read from this author. I can tell you that I am now in a committed reading relationship with him. Siendi mahali.

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