Kazi ni kazi is a common slogan around here meaning work is work, literally. In better English it means, one should not discriminate jobs but be ready to take any job, whether you have a degree or certificate or none. It simply encourages young Kenyans not to be too choosy on white collar jobs.

Some of the people notably taking this slogan seriously are the chefs in charge of street smokies, boiled eggs and the mouthwatering African sausage aka mutura. These people are all over the town and if you think their food is disgusting or dirty, my friend you have been missing out on the dirt free delicacies. For some reason, these vendors never go home with any food remnants. All mayai boil, smokies and mutura get finished at such incredible speed. This implies one thing; people actually devour them. Most of these food hawkers are men who are full of life and very engaging, friendly and enthusiastic. They have perfect customer handling skills.

How can you spot these hotels? You simply have to look around at any moving white trolley with a person dressed in a white overall with clear writings of how one smokie is never enough. From the trolley, you will see eggs and smokies and on top of it will be dishes of kachubari. Upon buying a smokie or egg, the vendor will give you a bonus of kachubari for free!

What is interesting is how many ladies shy away from buying these goodies in broad day light. They feel all eyes are on them and that people will laugh at them. A potential suitor may spot them and thus, the girl loses bonga points. The truth however is, no one damn cares about your eating joint. But when darkness takes over, shame flies through the window and you’ll spot the young adult women also joining in the merriment of devouring mayai boilo, smokies and mutura. The boiled egg is usually accompanied with kachumbari, so is the smokie. There is no plate instead the nylon papers are used as plates. To avoid further embarrassment, ladies usually stand next to the “mayai hotel” and bite the egg twice before wiping their mouths clean and dashing out of the scenery like they were never there. This is Kenya for you.

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