Love in the air: Eve & Adam

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Let’s be honest, people. Adolescent girls in high school uniform look awful. Their skirts look like sack clothes and that swallow up their bodies. The school ties look uglier, especially the stripped ones. Correct? Now listen to this story:
“Back in the days, in 2002, when I gazed at Eve making the presentation in the Computer symposium, something inside me stirred. I don’t know if it was the way she talked, the way she moved on the stage, the confidence, the mastery of facts… or that ugly tie after all, but this girl arrested my mind and I got confused just like that. I made my presentation, extremely conscious of her presence in the room. She liked it! Dr. Cupid and the entire universe seemed to unanimously agree that she and I should be speared together. Later, she sat next to me and we exchanged emails and land line numbers. Boy, didn’t we suffer in the days of no mobile phones. Let me tell you something. When you are a young man with unstable hormones ragging through your body, you cannot stop chasing the girl you felt something for the moment you saw her. She sent me my first success card and I slept with shoes that night, all my teeth out.

In 2004, after high school, I started looking for her desperately, since she had stopped responding to the emails. I searched for that angel literally. In the supermarkets, in the matatus, in churches, anywhere I walked I was looking for signs of her. She was nowhere. Some people who claimed to know her gave me false leads. It was frustrating, considering the number of times I got cheated. One day, I stumbled upon one of her class mates who emerged like Rango, from the blues. She was an oasis in the middle of nowhere. She thankfully helped me track her. I cannot tell you how much I praised my God of unconditional love when I got hold of her number. We talked on phone till we exhausted our airtime that day. By them, the least bamba for safaricom was 250 while Kencell was 300.

The rest, like they say is history. She became my lady. She was beautiful, angelic and very dear. She became the center of my world and the woman I adored. Well, we dated for 2 years, during which I travelled out of the country at some point, but we kept tabs, holding on to each other and the memories we had. In 2007, I returned and you know, I was a jerk, full of myself and took Eve for granted. Our love story started tearing apart every day. April 2nd, Monday 2007. I was travelling to Nyeri and longed to talk to her, but my head was swollen with pride and a huge ego. I looked at her number and shuddered. She should call first.
On 14th April, around 4pm, I learnt of Eve’s death. Whoever informed me did not beat around the bush ati ooh be strong, ooh how’s Eve, when did you talk last… heads on, Eve is dead and is being buried today. Road accident they said, on 6th April which was Good Friday. I was along Ronald Ngala Street and broke down and sobbed like a baby. I had lost her. The only memory I have of her is a cutting of her obituary from the newspaper.”
He asked that I leave you with this verse from a song, “Don’t you know that, time waits for no man And our fate, it’s all planned I’m blessed just to know you To have loved and have lost, just to hold you all night Can’t find, a reason why God came, between you and I If I had the chance again, I’d never let you go Hold tight to your love, ’cause you never know”

Thank you *Adam for narrating to me your story.


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