Led By Faith: Rising from the ashes of the Rwandan Genocide

Author: Immaculee Ilibagiza with Steve Erwin

Publisher: Hay house

Year of publication: 2008

Genre: Biography

Pages: 200

This is Immaculee’s second book, after Let to Tell, which described her harrowing experiences during the genocide, hiding in a Hutu pastor’s bathroom for 91 days. Led By Faith is the path to healing and trying to patch things after the genocide. The author lost all her family members, save for her brother who was in Senegal at the time of the genocide. Would you forgive killers who hacked your family, your relatives and tribespeople, by virtue of belonging to a different tribe? Would you have courage to go to church that is led by the tribe that cleared almost everyone from your tribe?

This book explores the pain Tutsis survivors underwent after the genocide and the experiences of Hutus. There was a lot of pain, anger towards the Hutus and after the genocide came to an end, Hutus fled Rwanda in fear of retaliation from the survivor Tutsis. That during the Rwandan genocide, Tutsis could not walk on the roads because they were all blocked by killers and could not cross to Congo. Immaculee’s heart is troubled as she feels alone in the world. She grieves her family and wishes she had died. That she would walk in the streets, still littered with human corpses is a chilling fact.

But she has a profound relationship with God, the only thing that keeps her going. But even with this, she looks around her and sees a broken nation, full of hate and pain. The animosity between Hutus and Tutsis is so intense that there were still killings of the survivors in fear of being reported the court set up to apprehend those who participated in the holocaust.

This book will shake you up to the core. You will be angry, you will be sad, you will pick sides but I hope you will leave with one thing: faith in God, even when it feels impossible.

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