I used to watch soaps so you can imagine the dramatic demands I had when it came to love. Very unrealistic. Very absurd. Just not achievable. For instance, why hasn’t someone serenaded me? Why don’t I find my bed covered with rose petals? Eish!! Somebody needs to be dumped. And when I look at the soaps and see how women are heart-broken because Camilla set-up Alejandro, I tell myself I can never be judgmental. I must listen to him, because it might be just another set-up. But thinking and doing are two different things.

I was woken up someday with a phone call when I was still a young lady.

Do you know Pat?”

I was like “yes, he’s my boyfriend. Who are you?”

From the other end, I heard her gasp.

“He’s my boyfriend too!” she interjected.

What do you mean?” I was now upright on my bed.

“We have been an item for the last 1 month.”

Damn that man whore! Damn! I suddenly lost my voice. I started shaking. Have you ever gone to the VCT and experienced those few minutes before you are confirmed? That feeling is nothing. Or have you ever thought you are pregnant and bought a test-kit and waited for those minutes to check the damn strips? That is also nothing.

I was about to go mad. My soul left my body and my body was instantly in vegetative state. That state when someone is a coma. I was about to lose the man my heart beat for. Actually, I had already lost him to some lady. Was she better than me? Oh God! She is. Her voice is sexy. Damn! She must be slim. My brain can be cruel. This is the time I needed it to encourage me, but here it was reminding me of my stupid insecurities. My self-esteem suddenly shot to zero. “Hello, are you there?” she asked.

I cannot lie to you that am the composed type. Nooo! I am those women who throw away civilization and education through the window and actually pounce on some whore and beat daylight out of her when she crosses my lane. I can actually pluck off someone’s mammary glands. But she was not next to me. She’s lucky. I thought my world had crumbled. I thought I wouldn’t make it.

“Look, am sorry. I didn’t know you were his girlfriend”. “I got your number from facebook and thought i should call you up.”

Teenage love. Sigh.

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