Dear crush,


I have watched with teary eyes as you update all your statuses. Yes, I have stalked you for days and nights. No single day passes without me extensively rechecking all your social media platforms. I do this as if I am being paid to do so. Every day, I keep hoping I will bump into some hash tags declaring your undying love for me. But what do I get? ‪#‎lifeisshorttolove‪#‎rollinwiththembitches ‪#‎hoesaintloyal ‪#‎nobabymamadrama‪#‎loveisforlosers… the list is endless.

My crush, your words pierce me like a sword. I feel you are lonely. You show the whole world you are okay, but you aint. You are a lonely soul. So am I. You and I can form a perfect team. You and I look fun together. You and I are both crazy and stupid. But why are you stubborn?

But do not worry. I am hatching a plan that will see you defy all your stupid principles and friends. You will beg me. You will chase me. You will crawl for me. And I will look at you and walk away. Yes, I will walk away as if I feel nothing, so that you will pay for all the energy I spent guessing about you. The energy I channeled to investigate about all your exes, all your spoilt male friends, all your pretty female friends who tag you stupid things, all the joints you visit. My friend you will pay for all the disheartening hash tags. And yes, I might ingia the box. But you will realize one thing- hoes aint loyal. You will be my challenge. But once I conquer your heart, the gist will die. I mean once you like me and be all over my space, everything will change. I won’t stalk you again. I will realize you were not that perfect person I deemed you. You will definitely fall for me. You will realize the gem that I am. And then, my opportune moment will come…

I will break your heart!

Irate Crush.


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