Behind Closed Doors


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Title: Behind Closed Doors

Author: B A Paris

Year of Publication: 2016

Publishers: Harper Collins Publishers

Pages: 351

Reviewer: Gladwell Pamba

I have never felt psychologically tortured reading a book like I have reading this one. Few pages into it and my paranoia about perfect marriages set in. I stayed up all night long, my heart literally leaving its chamber and my blood cold. I kept turning pages anxiously, waiting for the opportune moment to kill the bad guy. I have cried and rejoiced. It is one of those books that people describe as “unputdownable”.

Have you ever seen those social media couples who keep posting stuff, professing love? They can’t let us have peace and have to constantly remind us of how loving should be done. It is like they were born with manuals on how to love because they seem to love with all their existence. They put on matching Ankara clothes. They are couple goals. But then, is there need to remind everybody about how happy you are in a relationship or marriage? These couples make you wonder why you ended up with such a boring partner in a dead relationship. They look so good together, the perfect match made in heaven until one day, the husband strangles his wife and you cannot digest or the boyfriend kills the girl and your brain refuses to process.

In the eyes of everyone else, Grace is the perfect housewife, classy, sassy and beautiful. She has a perfect figure. She is a great cook and an amazing artist. Her husband, Jack Angel, is a successful lawyer who has never lost a single case. Every time friends are invited over, he always treats his wife like a queen: he pulls her chair, helps her wear her coat, opens doors for her, keeps complementing her and staring at her lovingly. He is the perfect gentleman. More magical is the beautiful story of how they met.

Grace was at the park, hanging out with her sister who had Down’s Syndrome. At some point a band was playing very good music and Millie started dancing drawing everyone’s attention. Grace is a bit embarrassed and wants to go and stop her. But this dashing man, with looks of a movie star walks to Millie and offers to dance with her. He does not mind her condition and danced with her until on-lookers clapped. Women, if you are single and such a man puts aside the shame and dances with your poor sister who has Down’s Syndrome, won’t you fall in love? I don’t blame Grace.

But the devil doesn’t come dressed in dirty rags, nor does he have a horn: he comes in forms of Jack Angels. Ah! Sit down and read this book.


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