The goodness of being a writer is that anything around you becomes a story! You itch to put it down in writing. You have this ability to impersonate and dream! You travel in your mind, love in your mind and your world is full of fantasies… You cannot stop imagining even if you wanted to. Nothing stops you. Writing, to me, is life. The pleasure derived from writing can be compared to none. Sometimes my writing may be distasteful to some people because we might hold different opinions. That’s okay. Am just an artist! Anything you say or do may be used in my stories!

My name is Gladwell Pamba! I laugh loud and talk a lot. Chingano is a fiction and non-fiction creative blog. Whatever intrigues my mind, whatever I observe, whatever I might go through and whatever you do. We can say am that 3rd person who is always present, all over your space.

I look forward to your company here. It gets lonely sometimes.

Thank you for visiting Chingano!